Ways to Listen

There are a number of ways you can listen to Easy Jazz FM.

1. Our Websites

Easy Jazz FM station site: https://easyjazz.fm
Easy Jazz FM network site: https://easyjazzradio.com
Easy Jazz FM web radio player:  https://player.live365.com/easyjazzfm

2. Official Easy Jazz FM App (iPhone, iPad + Android)

Take us everywhere with our official Easy Jazz FM App. Our app features only our station and has no advertising. Download us for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

How the app works:

The app is very simple and intuitive. Just click play! There are 2 screens. One that shows previously played songs and another that showcases the current song. The app also has a sleep timer. You can set a time when the music will stop during the middle of the night.

3. Third Party apps

You can download one of these third party apps. Once installed, use the app’s search box to find us. Just type in “Easy Jazz FM”.

Live365 Radio  | myTuner Radio  | Online Radio Box | Get Me Radio!

4.  Radio Directories Featuring Easy Jazz FM 

Easy Jazz FM is listed in major radio directories. Many have their own app for mobile phones and smart TV sets and speakers ( Roku, Apple TV, Sonos, etc.)  

5. Media Software

To play Easy Jazz FM in Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, Clementine or any other media software that allows live streaming, insert our live stream URL:  https://streaming.live365.com/a17629

6. Alexa for Echo Devices

If you own an Amazon Echo speaker or device, you can download the Live365 skill, then say to Alexa: “Alexa, play Easy Jazz FM.”

7. Google Home

Speak into your Google Home device and say “Hey Google, play Easy Jazz FM”. If Google discovers us on TuneIn Radio, an ad from TuneIn will play first, and then the music will play.