New Release Promotion

Easy Jazz FM is promoting new album and single releases free of charge for jazz artists and record companies.


  • Send us a radio spot (MP3 format at 128KBPS) that announces your new release and we’ll air the spot every day up until your release date, free of charge. The spot will not only air on Easy Jazz FM, but also two other radio stations we own: Classic Jazz FM and Light Jazz FM. The total audience size is 35,000 loyal listeners.

  • If you’d like more airtime beyond the release date, the fee is $200 a month (daily airing for 30 days). If you do not have a new release, but still wish to promote your music, we’ll air your spot daily for two weeks, free of charge, after which time the monthly fee will apply.

  • If you do not have the ability to create a spot, we can create one for you. Our production service includes scripting, professional narration and audio production/editing. The one-time fee is $250. We will send you the MP3 file which you will then own and can use anywhere you wish.

  • SAMPLE SCRIPT: Jazz artist (name of artist) has released her/his new single/album (name of track or album) – (description of the album or song) a tribute to the great legendary singers of the past. (Name of artist) is an accomplished…(description of artist). Look for the new 2024 release on the Apple Music Store, Spotify and Amazon Music.

To take advantage of this opportunity and learn more, contact us at: