Become a Sponsor

Easy Jazz FM does not air commercials, but we do accept sponsorships.

A sponsorship is when our announcer introduces a series of songs, or a special program, with a liner that mentions your organization and website. For example: “This hour of Easy Jazz FM is brought to you (your company name). Check out the website at (web address).”

This is very easy for sponsors, as all you need to do is provide us with your company name and website.

Why would you want to have a sponsorship with us? A few facts…

  • Easy Jazz FM has 30,000 verifiable listening hours a month. This is very high for an online radio station. Most Internet stations are around 100 to 10,000 monthly listening hours.
  • Our audience is primarily the over-50 age group, a growing segment of the population with disposable cash.
  • Sponsorship is very low cost compared to all other forms of advertising including search engine and social media ads.

If interested, we’re not going to make you fill out some long form. Everyone is just too busy these days. So just drop us an email and we’ll see where it goes! Email us at: