About Us

Easy Jazz FM was created out of a love for soft jazz. We are an Internet radio station featuring slow-paced cool jazz music licensed for airing in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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“Your online station is fantastic! Just stumbled across your channel and now, I have bookmarked it to play every day. Really enjoying the quality of your tracks, and especially the lack of mindless chatter and adverts which break up the vibe on other jazz stations. We’re loving it.”

James, Manchester UK

“This is the absolute best radio station (via internet) that I’ve ever come upon!! ┬áI listen to this station exclusively now. ┬áNothing comes close to the quality and serenity this station provides.”

Esther C, Ontario, Canada

Our Objective:

To help our listeners relax in this busy, crazy world while promoting jazz music and musicians.


Easy Jazz FM Radio
A division of Galbraith Communications
Suite 200, 440 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1R 7X6

General Enquiries plus Artist and PSA submissions: easyjazz@bell.net
Corporate Web Site: https://galbraithcommunications.com
Tel (North America): 1-877-899-3427
Tel (local): 613-564-7795